New Summer Moodboards Jul 19 2012

Advice and call outs

Have a look at these beautiful new mood boards designed by agent hannah. She has been taking them to meetings to showcase what we think are some great new themes and trends that our greetings card illustrators and image licensing artists are really getting right! Fun Fur features cute bears and other fluffy animals set off by lovely pastel and ice cream shades. Some of the illustrators whose work inspired this mood board are Anna Shuttlewood, Martina Hogan, Tiago Americo, Ellie Jenkins, Rachel Green, Sarah Goodreau and Sonia Possentini.   Modern Florals features bright floral designs with vibrant patterns, folk influences and shocks of colour on neutral backgrounds. The artists inspiring this trend are Victoria Nelson, Amanda Hillier, Darren Pindar, Nicola Evans and the Pope Twins.   Willow features beautiful blue designs with loose floral and oriental influences. Butterflies and hearts are a key feature is this trend. Artists getting it right include Amanda Hillier, Kim Hankinson, Anna Staub, Louise Angus, Nicola Evans, Mat Edwards.