Rising Stars Writing Maps Jul 20 2012

Samples and spotted

Rising Stars Writing Maps are a perfect resource for developing and encouraging children's creative writing. Have a look at these wonderful illustrations by some of Advocate Arts illustrators, each map takes you to a different scenario, from a places in history through to science fiction, or a mysterious fantasy world! Purchase them here. Andrew Chiu depicts the inside of a secret volcano base: David Neale shows us a bustling shopping mall:   Martin Bustamante illustrates a mysterious maze with a hidden treasure! : Miguel Francisco depicts a dangerous pirate cove: Nigel Chilvers takes us to an ancient civilisation with luscious wildlife: Stefanno Azzalin gives us a map of ancient Rome complete with a Forum and Coliseum:   Tiago Americo depicts a buzzing theme park: Zack McLaughlin shows a busy medieval street with views of London: