Big Up from Jeannine Rundle Nov 01 2012


Here at Advocate Art we love to hear when our freelance illustrators are happy with the job we are doing for them. So it was lovely to learn that greetings card designer Jeanine Rundle sent Ed this lovely message yesterday.

Hi Ed (and all),
Hope this finds you well.
I just wanted to send a quick note as it has just occured to me that I have never thanked you and the others at Advocate for the good job they do in my behalf. I have just done a load of invoices to cover recent sales and I realised that you took me on at a time when things were actually looking quite bleak for my business. So...thanks very much for all that you and everyone else does in putting my work forward and thinking of me when new commissions come in. I love doing what I do and the more work the better so please keep it coming!
Here's to many more years of working successfully together.
Freelance illustrator Jeannine produces gorgeous greeting's cards, posters and art for licensing, in a range of  styles from cute and quirky to retro and humorous. To see more of greetings card illustrator Jeannine's artwork have a look in her portfolio on the advocate Art illustration agency website!