Nicola Anderson biography Feb 21 2013

Meet the artists

Advocate would like to introduce you to one of our freelance artists, Nicola Anderson! Nicola primarily uses illustrator and photoshop to create her lovely children's illustrations, and her bold shapes and bright colours really stand out! Her quirky character designs and  compositions are beautiful additions to the books they're applied to. To see more of Nicola's work, check out her portfolio on the Advocate website! "Hi, I'm Nicola, I was born in Liverpool, and grew up in the lovely industrial town of Widnes. Ever since I can remember I have never been happier than when I am creating something.One of my earliest memories is crying my eyes out in nursery and the easel and paints being the only thing that would console me. I moved to Manchester after I gained a degree in Graphic Design from Bolton University and have lived and worked there as a digital creative ever since. Manchester has a great creative hub and I feel lucky to be surrounded by so many inspiring people.  My work is generally sketched, then coloured in Illustrator and textured in Photoshop. Other randomness about me: I love travelling. I have two mongrel dogs, Spike and Cody. The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favourite film. I have an identical twin sister. We have no special powers."