Carlo Molinari illustrates Mary Walker Wears the Pants! Apr 17 2013

Samples and spotted

Some good, clean, feminist gumption was injected into our day when we received Carlo Molinari's latest book Mary Walker Wears the Pants in the post! The book tells the rousing true story of Civil War surgeon and activist Mary Walker. Back when it was downright outrageous for women to wear pants (that's trousers to us Brits), Mary Walker crossed all the boundaries by wearing this offensive article of clothing as she went about her activities as one of America's first female doctors and an active fighter for women's rights. Talk about inspiring! Carlo's beautiful illustrations really do this powerful story justice. His use of rich colours and fine detailing handles the historical importance of this iconic figure with sensitivity and he really captures the spirit of 60's America. This lovely book, published by Albert Whitman & Company, is already receiving some lovely reviews and, of course, gets a big two thumbs up from all of us here at Advocate! To see more of Carlo Molinari's work, visit his portfolio on our website.