Summer themed artwork at Advocate Art! Jul 03 2013


It's raining and the skies are grey and overcast, which means it must be Summer in the UK. We can't complain here at Advocate Art though, as we've been treated to lots of sunshine-y artwork from our greeting card, art licensing, and art for posters artists. So if you're looking for summer greeting card designs, summer art for licensing, or some great summer artwork for your wall, look no further! You can treat yourself to an ice cream with Louise Anglicas and Jane Heyes; refresh yourself with watermelon with Regina Silva; sniff the fragrant summer flowers with Mirja Paljakka and Michelle Ferella; lounge outside in the hot sun with Malcolm Surridge and Paula Doherty; take a watery dip with Gordon Barker and Sarah Pitt; send a funky postcard with Jenny Wiscombe, or just be a cool cat with Alfie Vernon. For more work from any of these artists, click on their name above or visit their online portfolios via our website.