Artist Feature: Jacqui Davis Jul 09 2013

Meet the artists

You may already be familiar with her fantastic illustrations, but we wanted to give a big thumbs up and shout out to the brilliant Jacqui Davis! Jacqui joined Advocate Art a little under a year ago and since then has been wow-ing us and our clients with her stunning artwork.

Jacqui's richly-coloured, detailed and expressive work has an undeniable cinematic quality, and she explains why in her own words below. Whether it's people, landscapes or animals she is drawing Jacqui lends her own special touch to it which makes it come to life. Her illustrations are ideal for educational books, cover art work, young adult fiction, and children's picture books.

To see more of Jacqui Davis' work, click on her name or visit her folio on our website. See below from more from Jacqui herself and some higlights from her Advocate Art portfolio!

I was born in South Africa in 1990 but moved to the UK in 2000 - which was a blessing perhaps as the rainy days are a brilliant excuse to stay inside painting!

Growing up I was glued to the T.V every time an animated movie came on so I suppose you could say my greatest artistic influences were Milt Kahl, Glene Keane and Andreas Deja. I carried this love of cartoons over to my education where I studied BA(Hons) Animation at Staffordshire University. What I found out was that though I loved watching characters coming to life I enjoyed designing and illustrating them much more. The excitement of starting from scratch and creating a whole new world based on just a few words is what led me to pursue a career in illustration. I started out on my artistic path with simple pencil and paper but around six years ago my Dad bought me my first tablet. Since then digital art and I haven't parted and nowadays most of my finished work tends to be created in Photoshop - I don't think I could live now without my precious undo button!