Countdown to Christmas Sep 17 2013


Tis' the Season to be drawing! So get those red and Green Pencils out at the ready! It's a fallacy that "it comes but once a year" well certainly in the Christmas Greeting Card buying season, it is all year around.  Trends from previous years show that we are in the swing of commissioning and buying for Christmas 2014 right around now!!! So this is a Call out to all the advocate artists to make the most of Christmas product starting to hit the shops and let your imagination run wild.   For those buyers reading this, our Christmas Collection is looking stronger than ever with a collection of 19,000 images on the site ready at your disposal an overview of which you can see below, but for a themed/keyworded collection with live availabilities and collection making facilities here is a quick link to the Christmas Section of the Site for you to see it in its entirity. This collection is updated daily, but please contact your Advocate Agent for any specific requests or bespoke needs and commissions