Artist Feature: Lili Huang Sep 25 2013

Meet the artists

Advocate Art is very pleased to introduce our new artist Lili Huang! Lili is a professional video game artist graduating in Fine Art, recently working in the UK and Shanghai. Her delicately detailed watercolor paintings explore narrative close to her heart and beautifully depict the countryside where she lives. This being her most popular medium, she uses it to produce stunning paintings of wildlife and rural views. Therefore, exposing the unknown world, which you may walk past whilst walking the dog. Hence, why we are excited to have her on board with us! Lily's work is perfect for greeting cards, art for ceramics, and children's books. A preview of her artwork below and a few words from the Lady herself:

I was born in China in 1982. I grew up in Chongqing, China, and currently living in Guildford. When I was a child in my first drawing class, the teacher asked everyone to draw a little duck. I did a drawing of a little duck on the water, but also drew a lot of other stuff: fish, shrimp, water snails, and many more strange creatures and things I could imagine. But the teacher gave me the lowest score and refused my drawing, asking me to draw it again, with only one duck in the picture. This upset and confused me for a while, but did not stop me from drawing and imagining. At that point, I wanted to be an artist. In 2004 I graduated with BA from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Since 2005 to 2012, I was a video game artist working on several big title games in Shanghai and the UK. I started to create my watercolour works having been inspired by British botanical illustrations and vintage art. Through my fine art background I apply watercolour techniques to capture the beauty of nature and my imagination. My subsequent game artist experience has allowed me to explore different visual styles, designing playful visual language and bring picture vitality. These enrich my illustration style. I love living in the countryside, as it is full of inspiration. My favourite book is ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I also love animals. I have a pet; a harvest mouse called ‘Tiny Yellow’. Tiny Yellow is a character who often appears in my art images.