meet the team: accountant Claire Whittaker Dec 04 2013

Fly on the wall

Once in a while, as well as our daily artist features we like to take the opportunity of showing you behind the scenes at Advocate HQ and introducing you to another of the integral members of our team here. This week's "Meet the Team" comes from Claire Whittaker, accountant extraordinaire. Claire when not beavering behind her computer on Sage can be found darting around the office at a million miles per hour, claire has a stride in her step and an eagerness that is inspiring and certainly a quality that is a requirement of the team here at Advocate, we pride ourselves on sharp staff, who wants a disorganised agency? Take a look behind the scenes with some snapshots of Claire's role her at advocate, you can see similar regular updates on the Fly on the Wall Category of the blog. "As accountant at Advocate, my main responsibilities are anything finance related!  This includes preparing the monthly accounts, doing VAT returns, processing payroll, preparing forecasts and doing the year end accounts. There are many aspects to finance at Advocate and balancing the books is even more challenging due to the fact that Advocate conducts its business around the world in Euros, Dollars and Sterling. Far from being repetitive and dull, however, each month has its own challenges and with invaluable support from my colleagues in admin and accounts we balance the books on time! A necessary part of accounting is reporting to various authorities such as HMRC, but what I especially enjoy is producing meaningful reports that will help colleagues understand the financial implications of their work or highlight where savings can be made. I’ve also just taken on a new role heading up purchasing which has added even more variety to my job.  I like the fact that this role gives me the chance to talk to suppliers and learn more about other departments in Advocate and I particularly enjoy having the freedom to haggle without embarrassing my husband!    It’s especially rewarding when I’m able to save the company money by shopping around as I did recently when we switched to a new supplier to produce our Heads Up calendar Even though I only work 3 days per week, I’m still made to feel very much part of the Advocate team After a hectic start to the day getting my 3 children off to school, it’s always a pleasure to step into the lively office and feel I’m really contributing to the success of the company. Outside of accountancy and being a mum, I’m also passionate about good food and have my own very small business, baking Real Bread and running courses at weekends. I also enjoy running, swimming and cycling and taking part in triathlons.  2014 will see me doing among others the Box Hill 10k, Brighton Marathon, Mont Blanc half marathon and the Hever castle triathlon."