Artist Feature: Diane Le Feyer Dec 05 2013

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Stare in amazement at the jaw dropping skills of French illustrator Diane Le Feyer, you will not question why I have made her today's artist feature. Fantastic characterisation, perspective and use of colour and lighting. Check out her online folio of for  a glimpse into her life and works check out today's blog. Diane Le Feyer is a French illustrator living in Lyon. She graduated with Honours from the full art course at Emile Cohl school in 2002, where she now teaches! Here, she spent four blissful years learning about sculpture, painting, pastels, and animation. After watching 'The Little Mermaid' aged nine, and discovering the work of Alma - Tameda in a magazine, she was drawn to follow the style you see in her pictures today; colourful, poetic illustrations influenced by the magic of animation. Nowadays, she finds a lot of her inspiration from paintings by the Pre-Raphaelites. Especially those by John Waterhouse, who is her absolute favourite.   If she wasn't an illustrator, Diane thinks she would be a restorer of antique, artistic masterpieces or a palaeontologist - her other big passion! However, she's very happy with her  job as an artist, so much so that it doesn't even feel like work to her at all.  shares a birthday with Richard the Lion Heart I was born on September the 8th , 1980! Just like Richard lionHeart ( way after him obviously) in Marseille in France. It's  just by the Mediterranean sea in the south of France. I grew up in Lyon till 6, then we moved around quite a bit for some time before settling again in Lyon when I was 18 ! This is where I live now . As a young adult I also travelled a bit around the world and even lived for some time in Kilkenny ( Ireland ) and in Toronto ( Canada). I always knew I wanted to draw since I was  little ( it's actually written on the child aptitude test I took when I was 6 :exceptionnal drawing skills !). My first emotionnal artistic shock was when I saw the «  Little mermaid » on screen at 9, and soon afterward the big revelation in a magazine, while waiting room of some  dentist office : Alma-Tadema 's work. That was an absolute enlightment of what I would love to do later on, and how I would do it : 2 D animation and colourful and poetic illustrations. Starting there, I taught myself bits of 2 D animation and classic drawing but then underwent the full art course at Emile Cohl school ( these are 4 intense years let me tell you!) and I graduated with honors at 22 in 2002. These were blissed years of learning sculpture, painting, pastels, animation and so on... Following my childhood's firt artistic emotions, I'm a big fan of the Pre-raphaelite art, as well as the mystical feel there is a bout that period. Waterhouse is actually my absolute favorite. I think my artwork is influenced a lot by these artists. I think it's poetic and whimsical, but I love to use strong colours and intricate designs to enluminate my pictures, just like a precious manuscript. I also have another simpler style, which allows me more liberty than the big pictures.. this is my inheritance from 2D animation, where I feel much more free-handed and synthetic. I usually work on computer, since deadlines are always very short and the elaborate style is much faster to accomplish on a computer than by hand.. Although I would love to have the time to work on paper. But beside that I do a lot of sketchings and drawings on the good ol' sketchbook ! When asked about me , I usually say that I'm very lucky to actually do what I've always wanted to do with my life and actually making a living out of it ! It doesn't feel like work really ! No, I'm not a member  of any artistic society. But I'm an illustration teacher at the school I graduate from 10 years ago ! There are a few pieces that I really like, most of them are personal works, and two are renditions of my mischievous young daughter ! I love reading and going to the movies.. I'm a big Sci-Fi fan ( and Fantasy as well!) So I suppose I'm a nerd-geek ? I used to have a fantastic cat, named Mandoline, who died at the age of 19 last year. She was smart, funny, and sometimes even eeriely witchy. I don't know, it was like that she Knew or Saw... See what I mean ? Some cats are like that ! So I'm not quite ready to have another darling pet. If I weren't doing what I'm doing... I think I might have gone into restauration of masterpieces ;or maybe a paleotologist... my other big passion ! My favorite book ? This might be «  Lightning » by Dean Koontz, or «  The Glass book of the dream eater » by Gordon Dahlquist, These are just great. I'm also a big fan of an early 20th  century French writer : Gaston Leroux . « The Phantom of the Opera » , that's him !  I enjoy the country a lot but I like a bustling city ! There is always something happening. About music , I listen to a lot of Loreena McKennitt ( saw her live a few years ago-that was great), some Maria Callas ( big fan), buts mostly these day I listen to Symphony of Science... these are actually scientific  facts about cosmos, space , life, DNA, stars and so on but put into music ! Everybody makes fun of me about that one but I just love it ! Plus you get to listen Carl Sagan «  singing », which in itself is pretty awesome.