Advocate Art at Paperworld 2014 Jan 29 2014


  This week at Advocate Art we took to the road and the air to showcase our Paperworld offering. 1225 new designs were launched at the show, and that was just a little teaser of the masses that have been arriving in our inboxes in preparation for the Spring Fair starting this Sunday! Seasoned Agent Natasha was joined by our new team members Julija, Vicky and Nadine, focussing on their language skills to target the Russian, Chinese and German Halls. Great Success was had by all at this the start of our Spring Season Trade Show cycle, with a Trade show a month until the summer months.   Follow the blog to see where we are off to next, to get an insight into the latest Trends as they unearthed and see quick links to check our our newest uploads of designs. The portfolios are looking stronger than ever so don't be disappointed, book an appointment with one of the advocate agents to check our latest designs and sample some of great new mocked up ranges. We are taking appointments for Spring Fair Birmingham NOW and grab the opportunity of snapping up the fresh new ideas from the Uk's leading advocate illustrators and designers.