Advocate Artists Getting Connected Feb 07 2014

Advice and call outs

You may well have seen on Wednesday a Facebook post I added for a general call out to all our Advocate Artists to get better connected and start sharing in celebration of Facebook's 10th Birthday and create more of an Advocate community. We are lucky here at the agency to have the luxury of being able to see what each of you are up to through portfolio updates and emails, But I would really like to encourage more of an Artist Community, utilising our Social Network pages, to pass on things you have learned; new brushes you may have discovered on Photoshop; Websites you have found to be useful; What you are up to ; what's inspiring you now; trends you have noticed from recent shopping trips. The reason being that after doing a test post on Wednesday, I had reports back that it was 95% more successful than any other post and got 280 views in a matter of hours, so a lot of you guys must have been reading and sharing which is FANTASTIC, so let's get sharing! If you are a follower of our new Blog, you would have seen a Twitter feed as illustrated here, which gets fed from what goes up on the blog and posts from our Facebook pages/twitter and now Pinterest. So if you are not actively following us, or liking our pages check us out here:!/advocateart01 We remind you that these are sites are published so we are restricted to what we can say, not to be specific to clients that you are working with, or to example pieces you are working on that are yet to be published by your client, so be a little more careful with the content you are adding compared to your own personal pages. We have experienced problems in the past with material going online before it should do, and clients that employ PR agencies to search tweets for mentions of them, so just be a little more careful with adding current commissions. Thanks for listening and for Sharing.