Male Greeting Card Designs Needed! Feb 13 2014


    As you all know Advocate team has finally returned to our lovely office after attending both Paperworld show in Frankfurt and then Spring Fair in Birmingham and we can't wait to share the latest industry news and trends with you! Guess what was one of the most popular requests during our meetings with the new and existing clients? Well, everybody seems to be after eye-catching male-orientated greeting cards. There are some great designs by talented Advocate artists in our greeting cards catalogue, but the demand still outstrips the supply.  So, if you are up for a challenge, we are always on a look out for fresh, innovative and interesting artwork for male cards and while we all love a good typographic design, please keep in mind that Advocate Art clients come from all over the world and not necessarily English-speaking countries. Some examples of excellent artwork above by our illustrators Jenny Wiscombe, Pako Garcia, Michael Cheung, Louise Anglicas and Lara Skinner.