Counting Sheep Feb 17 2014

Advice and call outs

One of the greatest things about visiting trade shows - Spring Fair, Paperworld and the like, is that Advocate Team get to meet up with their clients from all over the world and learn about specific design requests for particular regions. This year we had a chance to catch up with some of our lovely clients from Russia and learnt that New Year's is a big deal over there. Much bigger than Christmas! You get decorations, presents and even greeting cards for New Year's! What makes things more interesting - they use animals from Chinese Zodiac for each year as symbols and these tend to appear on greeting cards, souvenirs, calendars and even stationary. According to Chinese calendar 2015 will be the year of the sheep. We already had  some requests for sheep illustrations and while we have some excellent designs,  you can never have too many! So, if you come up with some funny and cute sheep designs, we'd love to see them. Illustrations above are by some amazing Advocate Artists - Jane Heyes, Elina Ellis, Jo Parry and Alex Burnett.