Artist Feature - John Howard Davies Feb 19 2014

Meet the artists

Not only do we have amazing illustrators but also fantastic photographers! Today I want to introduce you to our new signed photographer, John Howard Davieis. John recently joins us following a successful career in photography.  The interesting perspective with strong vitality in his images make his works stand out from the crowd, and we can’t wait to showcase more of his works. I have been working as a photographer within the photographic industry for a number of years. I have been lucky enough to work with a number of top London photographers including Alan Brooking who was a great inspiration in the early part of my career. I travelled and worked abroad, mainly in Australia before returning to the UK, living in both London and East Anglia. I enjoy photographing cities and draw my main inspiration from their ever-changing skylines and vibrant energy, using colour sparingly in my work, my aim being to lead the viewer into the photograph. Within my landscape and seascape shots I aspire to capture the true character and feel of the area.   I am currently working on a coffee table book of London, which will be completed in the near future. This will consist of a collection of images showing the changing face of London.