Artist Feature-Joaquín Rosado Feb 25 2014

Meet the artists

Introducing Joaquín Rosado one of Advocate Art latest singings to our amazing children’s book portfolio, his wild imagination let the audience feel like travelling to the unknown world and meet all kinds of strange creatures. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? To explore more of his intriguing world, please follow up our website or contact [email protected] for specific requests/commissions and samples. My name is Joaquín Rosado, I'm 31 years old and i was born in Vélez-Málaga, a small village in Málaga, south of Spain. But truth is I have never lived there. My father is in the army and due to his work, we have been moving a lot from town to town. So I grew up in many different cities: Cádiz, Melilla, Ceuta and Granada (my actual home). I have been a comics and cartoons enthusiast since I was a child. Nowadays I'm very interested in American underground comic artists, like Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, etc. I have studied at Granada Fine Arts College. But I like to think I am a self-taught artist because my university years were a bit disappointing. I would describe my artwork as some kind of underground and crazy Hanna & Barbera cartoon. I love the characters concept art. I usually work with Photoshop, using textures but sometimes my artworks might seem like vector illustration because of my methodic process and the clean traces of my characters. So far I have published two comic books, both of them are written by myself as I love writing stories. I have been working as a freelancer for seven years, drawing illustrations for the Spanish Red Cross (pedagogic comics and manuals) as well as other projects for all kind of design agencies. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music (especially rock from the 90's), watching movies (the terror ones), reading and hanging out with my girlfriend and friends.