Artist Feature Jennie Bradley Mar 13 2014

Meet the artists

Our artist feature today is Jennie Bradley. One of Advocate Arts creative, children's book and greeting card illustrator. We love her beautiful colour palette and how her little animals really evoke amazing characteristics. Have a look at some of her humorous work below. Keep up to date with her developments on her online portfolio! Here’s a little taster and some great words from Jennie Bradley herself! I have always loved to draw, be creative and colour in neatly between the lines! One of my earliest memories growing up was leaving my favourite wax crayon art set on top of my parents fireplace, only to discover a few hours later that they had all melted into a big pool of waxy-crayoness! It was the most colourful mess I’ve ever created! I graduated from University in 2007 and for the 5 years following that I worked in an in-house studio for an International greetings company. In this job I specialised in character design as well as designing and illustrating cards, wrapping paper, stationery ranges, bags, tags, photo albums and much more. In 2011 I took a short break from work to become a mumma to my super gorgeous, funny and totally awesome little Rockstar, Rocky, who is a constant source of inspiration (and giggles!) for me. These days I work from home (in either my pj’s or my onesie!), as a freelance illustrator and designer…and self-confessed design-a-holic. When I am not designing I’m usually listening to music (my favourite band being Rammstein- ROCK!), dreaming of travelling the world, giggling with my little Rockstar-in-the-making, and generally eating too much chocolate, nom nom (as well as getting rounder and rounder in the process!) If I wasn’t a designer I would be an astronaut as I’m fascinated by space – although I have a fear of heights so I’m not sure how that’d work out. The back-up plan would be a round the world explorer so I can see the world. If all of those plans failed I think I’d settle for being a crime-fighting super hero. My outfit of choice would be a black onesie with a glow-in-the-dark skeleton print on (always wanted one of those), my fuel would be wine and cupcakes and my kryptonite would be clip-art images – AHH evil!! Random facts about me: As well as the less random fear of heights, I am also scared of air ships and oil rigs (don’t ask!); I have white-water rafted down the Zambezi river (gaining a black eye in the process), quad biked in the Namibian desert and got waaaay to close to a (real-life and very angry sounding) lion whilst camping in Botswana; rain is my least favourite weather type; my guilty pleasure is watching the T.V programme Neighbours (I record it every day without fail!); my favourite colours are magenta and lime green; and if I wasn’t allergic I’d to have a little black dog called Zombie.