Artist Feature Victoria Nelson Jun 06 2014

Meet the artists

Today’s artist feature is one of our decorative artists, Victoria Nelson. Here at Advocate Art, we love her use of patterns and intricate detail making her work great for art licensing and greeting cards. Have a look at more of her beautiful work here on her online portfolio. Hi, I'm Victoria and I was born in 1986 in the UK and I have lived and worked here ever since. I took a rather Œround-a-bout route into illustration and only began illustrating two years ago, I am self taught. Prior to making the decision to become an illustrator I trained and worked for 7 years as a buildings conservator and restorer. It's been a humbling privilege working in some of Britain¹s most stunning stately homes and also among great craftspeople and artisans but, I have also realised that it's important to have professional freedom and a wide range of skills in order to remain versatile. I'd say my designs are heavily influenced by some of the beautiful historic interiors I¹ve worked on and if I've learnt anything it¹s that quality and detail shouldn't be compromised, so I always try to include as many interesting details as possible in my designs ­ whether that be a little ribbon here or a bird there as well as an element of tactility like bleeding watercolours and inky blotches. I almost always work in watercolours and then scan the images into Photoshop for manipulation, working either from a planned sketch or sometimes just inventing the design as I go along. Although it's still early days in my illustrating career I'm very excited about the potential directions my work can go in as well as all the unmade designs as yet to pop into existence!