Meet the team: Folio Manager John-Paul Jul 01 2014

Meet the agents

With so many brilliant freelance artists working with Advocate Art, our agents are forever out at meetings and book shows showcasing all the wonderful talent, lugging about portfolios to get the word out there and bring in fresh work for our illustrators. Print folios are updated numerous times throughout the year and it takes endless amounts of time and care to make them look as spectacular as possible, showing our fantastic artists at their best. It's time to meet the man behind the immeasurable hours and energy put into managing our folios, John-Paul De Quay- or JP as we know him here at Advocate. With an endless supply of terrible jokes and bizarre facts about science, JP will most likely be found tirelessly updating websites, looking through artwork to put in new folios, or hunched in the corner trying to execute bad magic tricks. Here, JP explains his role as a folio manager, working for Advocate, and what it means to be John-Paul De Quay: "As Artist Folio Manager, I am responsible for cataloguing and archiving all our artists work, managing these images on the website and putting together the printed portfolios that the Agents take on meetings. My role is similar to John Tracy's role in Thunderbirds, except I work in an office and not a space station (I will actually be having words with Ed about why I don’t have a space station). I work with the agents and artists to best represent the work of our artists and get them loads of work and loads of money! What I like best about working for Advocate Art is that unlike John Tracey, I am not confined to one task and find that although Advocate-art do not benefit from zero-gravity from time to time, I am let loose on a large range of projects such as, illustration, animation, project management, design work and most recently, researcher for many of our book projects, due to a degree in Biology and an un-healthy interest in random trivia. Other daily tasks include trying to find where the many portraits of myself looking amazing, that I put up on the wall, have been hidden by unscrupulous members of staff! I fill my spare time with a stupidly ambitious amount of personal projects. Projects on the go at the moment include; building a foot tall stop motion animation monster puppet, learning French, putting together an ethical business proposal to combat poverty and climate change, writing a series of environmental and biology based picture/coffee table books and attempting to find time to write some new songs for my band ‘Foxwagon.’"