We Love Retro! Sep 30 2014

Advice and call outs

There is nothing we love more than a new trend, especially one with its heart in great retro styles of old! Our senior agent Hannah based in Advocate's New York office has been all over this one! Here is another outstanding moodboard from her to show you what we mean by this mid-century look. It is trending right now in the children's publishing industry and beyond. She has summarised some of the key features of this trend: the sophisticated colour palette combined with the use of texture and quirky line and included some samples courtesy of the great children’s illustrators from the 1950-60’s for inspiration. Are you up for a challenge? It does not have to be complete reinvention, just weaving in some elements into your usual style could do the trick. Or maybe your style is a perfect fit as it is? We would love to see some samples, contact [email protected]