Artist Feature - Carol Robinson Oct 10 2014

Meet the artists

Our featured artist today is another of our brilliant greetings card artists, Carol Robinson! Her complimentary colour palette will make you feel all warm inside as we lead up to Christmas. Beautiful arrangements with a soft painterly style make her work perfect for greetings cards. See more at her online portfolio. Carol Robinson is a native of Salt Lake City,  Utah.  She now resides in Alberta, Canada.  Carol can’t remember a time that she wasn’t drawing or painting.  Carol worked with many teachers and fellow artists, learning to work in every medium and technique she could.  She changed course in University, looking to teach Physical Education.  "Life has a funny way of putting us exactly where we need to be”.  With marriage and three children, both athletics and art were set on the back burner,  but her husband Stewart encouraged her to pursue her first love, painting, and she and her family have never looked back.   That hasn’t kept her off of the playing field, lake, court or ice however.  Carol has worked in the art publishing and licensing business for 25 years.  Her work can be found all over the United States and Europe and is found on literally hundreds of manufactured goods.   "I strive to tell a story, to convey a moment in time.   Everything I see inspires me or gives me new ideas. Even a color combination can spark a painting.  It’s a wonderful way to look at the world.”