Artist Feature - Rachel McNaughton Nov 13 2014

Meet the artists

Today's wonderful collection of watercolours comes from our featured artist, Rachel McNaughton! Through her delicate and elegant brushstrokes, her subjects are brought to life while her complimentary colours creates a magical mood in each piece. Rachel's stunning artwork is perfect for art licensing and can be used for a number of different products. See more at her online portfolio!

I have drawn and painted all my life but have had no formal training in art beyond school.

I trained as a teacher and used my artistic talent during the nine years I spent in the profession.

After that art became a hobby that has grown into a profession and I now teach painting to adults, work as a watercolour and pastel artist and enjoy designing. In the last couple of years I have worked hard to change my painting style to become "looser" and more contemporary. I hope I have succeeded.  I have had to teach myself Photoshop too!

Flowers are a constant inspiration but have painted all sorts of things from wedding bouquets and animals to light aircraft. On the whole I prefer flowers! I like nothing better than shutting myself in the studio and spending hours with paper and paint trying to capture their colour and fragility, usually in watercolour but also using pastel. I especially love the loose and unpredictable nature of watercolour. Happy accidents are often the best bits!

Working with Advocate Art has brought new challenges and subjects. I am finding that combining traditional painting with Photoshop and Illustrator is tremendous fun, exciting to do and is sending me in new directions.

It is always a thrill to see my work for sale in shops. I don't think I will ever tire of it. I hope to keep working with Advocate Art for years to come!