New Start! Jan 05 2015

Advice and call outs

Why not start this year with working on something exciting and new? Especially with only a couple of weeks before two major art licensing and greeting card shows take place. This year both Paperworld and Spring Fair are running at the same time, so Julija will be meeting with some of our European clients in Frankfurt, while  the rest of the team will be in Birmingham for the Spring Fair.

Here are some key dates to keep in mind:

Paperworld show: 31st January 2015 – 3rd February 2015

Spring Fair show: 1st February 2015 – 5th February 2015

The deadline for artwork for both shows iFriday 23rd January!

Don't miss on opportunity for your work to be shown to some of the main clients and please make sure you submit your work on time.

We are usually asked for a variety of designs at the shows, but Christmas, Spring Seasons (Mother's Day, Valentines, Easter and Father's Day) and general birthday are always key areas to develop.

We have our ‘mocking-up-box’ that we present at the show with new ranges, so if you can come up with around 4 ideas to start a range for general birthday designs, or that work together, that would be a great start! We are very happy to review artwork before you finish it, so just drop any of our lovely agents a line.