Artist Feature - Patricia Yuste Jan 14 2015

Meet the artists

Today’s adorable artwork comes from the talent hand of our featured artist, Patricia Yuste! See her portfolio for lots of cute and whimsical characters beautifully created with fun textures and neat shading. With a style suited perfectly for children's illustrations and greeting cards, her online portfolio is definitely worth a look!

I was born on August 19, 1981 in Malaga, Spain.

As a child, I was always drawing and I loved it! This lead to me choosing a profession that allowed me to continue drawing and that is the reason why I chose to study graphic design and advertising at San Telmo art school.

Since I finished my studies I have worked as a graphic designer and an illustrator. I have also taken  part at several exhibitions.

My favourite artist styles range from the impressionists to the oriental, however, comics and rock music are essential to me! I always play music to work, the music depends on the day or the job though I usually listen to rock music.

I like working with watercolours and ink, but I must admit that I have succumbed to the cleanliness and comfort of the pc.

In my work I try to show the dark side of the children's imagination, their terrors, innocence, darkness, fantasies ...

The best part of  my job is the opportunity to express myself and create images capable of make people feel emotions.

If I were not an illustrator, I would not be sure what I would do but what I would try to do something that would allow me to still be creative.