Artist Feature - Alida Ruggeri Jan 30 2015

Meet the artists

Our artist feature today works her charm with her cute and quirky illustrations that is bound to bring a smile to your face! Alida Ruggeri's fun character designs are perfect for children's publications and will keep young readers absorbed (and parents too!) You can see more of Alida's amazing portfolio here!

I’m an Italian illustrator and have just for a few months now, moved in London where currently I’m based. 

At the beginning of my career I loved working with acrylics on paper or cardboard. Now I work only digitally with a pen tablet. On the one hand I miss the touch of paper and pencil but on the other it’s a faster way to work and gives me more opportunity to experiment with several styles.

I think my works are colourful and I like playing with shapes but, above all, I try to always put a little of irony in my illustrations.

I don’t have a favorite character created by me but humanized animals are definitely the subjects I like the most.

Recently I’m following Bobby Chiu’s channel on youtube (Chiustream): I love his creatures and style (even if very distant from mine) and I think his speeches are very inspirational.

I love gardening (actually I’m not really good at it, this give me the opportunity to make a public sorry to my plants), and yoga.

When I work, especially during tight deadlines, I have to listen to my personal rock  and grunge music playlist on youtube: it gives me the focus and energy to go trough the project I’m working on.