Valentine's Day design ideas Feb 11 2015


No matter if you're single or if you have been married for the last 20 years, you can still enjoy our great designs this Valentine's Day!  Whether you feel like celebrating with something quirky, cute, romantic or nostalgic, Advocate Art illustrators have prepared some great designs to go with every mood. Here are some fantastic images by our artists that work perfectly well as greeting cards, but can also be used for a vast range of lifestyle products and love-themed gifts: posters, prints or even ceramics. Follow your heart! :-)

Great designs above by our talented artists: Nicola Evans, Nina Masha, Hui Skipp, Felicity French, Lara Skinner, Chellie Carroll, Victoria Nelson, Kate Abey, Minerva Martinel, Pope Twins, Sarah Lawrence, Rossana Novella, Jo Allen, Dubravka Kolanovic, Sophia Touliatou, Claire Pryce, Mirja Paljakka, James Rowland, Jennie Bradley, Jasperella Apple, Sophie Foster, Patricia Yuste, Anna Sims, Jenny Wren, Angelika Scudamore, Natalia Moore