Jon Davis review in New York Times! Mar 04 2015


Congratulations to our talented illustrator Jon Davis! His picture book 'Small Blue and the Deep Dark Night' has just been reviewed in the New York Times Book section. This is an amazing achievement and we are very proud of Jon. Kids and young adults love his book and greeting card designs. Keep on doing great job Jon! To see more examples of his amazing work, please check his portfolio.

John Davis is a freelance Children’s Book Illustrator whose work is represented by Advocate Art Illustration Agency. John loved drawing as a child, and was always reading comics or books with lots of pictures, so it was only natural to follow a career that helped to put more pictures in the world.

John’s work is fairly traditional but he tries to keep it as loose and as fun as possible. It’s always nice to get a bit of emotion in pictures. He has also experimented with 3D animation work in the past and feels that the expression and gesture involved in the process really comes through in his more recent work. Most of Johns work is completed in Photoshop, as the undo button has saved him from the depths of frustration!

Aside from his love for drawing, John also enjoys music, films and playing his guitar.