NEW! Doodle Soup Tins Mar 27 2015

Fly on the wall

No, Advocate Art isn't launching a new soup business! These amazing tins, featuring a label designed by our own Mat Edwards, are the latest addition to our marketing tools. With Bologna Children's Book Fair and London Book Fair around the corner, we're sure to have a lot of follow up coming through the Advocate HQ doors. Everything our lovely children's publishing and art licensing clients will need following a meeting with us will be popped on a handy USB stick, and slotted into one of these tins which will be stuffed with sweeties. They'll then be sent off to decorate the desks of all the lovely people in the art buying world. Once all the candy has gone, you can use the tin as a pencil stand, a desk vase for some flowers, or whatever else takes your fancy. Fun, informative and practical!

We're excited to be launching these tins in time for Bologna Children's Book Fair - and if you're seeing us there you can expect to be receiving on of these very soon!