Big Ups - Feedback from our Artists May 20 2015


After a recent Advocate-Art news update we have had some great feedback from our artists! Thank you for all your effort and support as we grow and strive to improve. Here are some of their lovely comments:

"How dynamic and exciting and..don't forget to breathe.. My update is that I'm really happy with Advocate, and you can count on me." - Jane Heyes

"I just wanted to say that, I truly appreciate all the hard work that goes into procuring work, and I personally didn't expect to get the kind of work I have got in the past 6 months. I can say that I have genuinely loved every minute of it and seriously surprised myself." - Michelle Carroll

"I am very happy to be represented by Advocate Art, see how you are growing and expanding the market. It's really a great job that you've been doing, congratulations! Keep the good job up!" - Lisbel Gavara

"Very interesting. Very pleased I'm part of your agency!" - Barbara Vagnozzi

"Thank you for the updates. It was great to read everything that's going on. I am really grateful for all the work coming in at the moment, it's really picking up pace for me, so thanks!" - Fay Martin

"For the first time instead of remaining a silent appreciator I wanted to sincerely thanking you and all the others at Advocate personally. There are times when it really feels like being part of bigger something." - Stefano Azzalin

"A pleasure and privilege to work for you all, it's been great so far!" - James Newman Gray

"Well done you're still the best." - Katie Saunders