Nikki Dyson's - 1000 Things to Eat! Jul 01 2015

Meet the artists

We've had some great news from Nikki Dyson! Her Usborne book 1000 Things To Eat was in the Guardians best new Children's books for summer 2015! Check out the lovely review:

"Both children loved looking at the beautiful illustrations in this non fiction book. There are 31 pages packed with a variety of foods. For example pages on breakfast, store cupboard, coffee shop, Chinese resturant, out for lunch, festivals and celebrations foods. Plenty to talk about! Both my children liked looking at the foods and spotting what foods we ate at home.The book also prompted the kids to ask questions such as 'what food is that?', 'where does the food come from?', 'how do you cook that?', 'can we find that in the shop?' and most importantly, 'can we try that?'. It's a really good book, and I'd recommend it for both boys and girls of any age." - Usborne Publishing