Artist Feature - Jeannine Rundle Jul 24 2015

Meet the artists

We have just the thing to brighten up this wet and rainy day in Surrey (good old British summer!) with a look at what Jeannine Rundle has been up to recently. We love Jeannine's greeting card designs and clearly everyone else loves them, too! With a portfolio bursting full of beautiful and adorable images, there's plenty to choose from, for all occasions.

 I took an evening watercolour class recently in order to improve my painting skills. It was very enjoyable and I am hoping to perhaps make some use of it in the future in card design etc. I have also been trying a few different art techniques including more collage type work.

Mostly, I do all my work on the computer using photoshop. When I am not working on specific briefs, I try to use the agent’s or customers’ trend boards to inspire new pieces of work.