Artist Feature - Lara Skinner Aug 14 2015

Meet the artists

We have some gorgeous new designs from greeting card artist, Lara Skinner to share today! Her recent work includes some stunning valentine designs and vibrant floral creations. Bright popping colours and careful but strong compositions are all part and parcel in Lara's portfolio.

Lara graduated from Camberwell College of Arts - one of London’s leading art and design schools, got a lucky break through flat sharing with the art editor for the NME and began her career designing record covers, but also exhibiting box art in various London galleries.

Lara eventually left London and now lives in rural Lincolnshire with her husband. She cites Joseph Cornell as a major influence. “I’ve always liked to collect lots of visual reference for inspiration, interesting boxes, old postcards, decaying flowers, vintage fabrics and curios. I once found a massive box of stuffed birds, they kept me going for a while. These days I keep ever evolving mood boards above my desk. I would describe my work as ‘virtual’ collage, all done in Photoshop. I love lots of delicate layering, textured backgrounds, florals and jewel embellishments”.