Artist Feature - Adam Price Sep 10 2015

Latest signings

Our featured artist today is one of our new signings and brilliant children's illustrator, Adam Pryce. Adam has a great range of fun and exciting work in his portfolio. From bright and colourful digital art to textured and stylised traditional paintings, you can see more at his online portfolio!

My name is Adam Pryce and I am a illustrator/designer based in Manchester UK.

I grew up in the Shropshire countryside and always loved to draw - for christmas’s and birthdays the only gift i would ask for were sketchbooks and pencils. 

My artwork is fun, colourful and energetic - using traditional and modern design techniques. My favourite things to draw are animals - i love filling up my sketchbooks from visiting museums, zoo’s and faraway cities. In the future i would like to own a Pomeranian. I would call it Lucifer.