Artist Feature - Hedi Fekete Sep 15 2015

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I was born in 1992 in Romania, into a hungarian family.

I studied arts in high school, and went on to do so in university. I am mostly a self-taught artist, and I also have a Bacehlors Degree in Graphic Design and Illustration.

From a young age I was interested in drawing, my biggest inspiration being the Disney animations. I grew up watching them and drawing the characters from the movies. I just wanted to create magic, like the artist at Disney and Pixar movies. I also soon discovered the amazing Ghibli Studio animations, and fell in love with Hayao Miyazaki’s work.

So I started to experiment with my art style and colours, I wanted it to have heart and beauty just like the animations I so much enjoy.

I try to implement as many themes as I can into my work, my style is very versatile. I like to draw anything that catches my attention, be it small or big, important or hardly visible. I also draw a lot of fantasy creature and scenes, and come up with different character designs all the time. I like to take on new challenges and draw things I never have before!

My inspiration also comes from my pets, my cat Giselle, and doggie Lola, also the stories my grandparents told me when I was small, the games I played in their garden and from the books I read and movies I watch in my spare time.

My biggest hobby, besides drawing, is watching korean and japanese movies, but I enjoy movies from all around the world, my favorite being The Lord of the Rings. I have also read all the books on the subject. I love movies so much, that infact I listen/watch movies while I draw.