Artist Feature - William Alvarez Sep 18 2015

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We have a great blog post today to finish off another busy week at Advocate Art. William Alvarez is one of our brilliantly talented new artists and has a fantastic portfolio to dig through. Fun character design and great lighting adds lots of atmosphere to his rich paintings. You can see more at his online portfolio!

Love what you do, Do what you love." I've been in search of “what I love” since I was 13, in the process, I have worked in everything you can think of, from child's counselor to bartender, but in the end, and by my 18 birthday i realised that however great and fantastic it sounded, illustration was the activity for which i was born and that I would be happy spending the rest of my life doing.

In my past I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects, including the visual development and art direction of a couple of independent films, the art for some educational short films, the collaboration in the creation of over 30 children's books (mostly covers) concept art for video games and advertising, and recently some fully illustrated children's books. Every experience has enabled me to learn and grow a little more, I have always treated every project as my own and so, it makes it easier for me to enjoy them and to give my very best everytime.

I really like animals, but the only pets i was allowed to have during my childhood, were fishes, so i got a lot of them. Now, every year i get a new fish tank in my studio. ill stop when i feel i’m working underwater… I love animated movies, collecting toys, and listening to movie soundtracks, or u2 while i work. I’ve been called “workaholic” a couple of times but i don’t really feel that way… it just so happens that my job, my passion and my hobby are very much the same thing. I think that if i wasn’t an illustrator i would be totally lost in life… or maybe would be a pirate…