New Agents Sep 18 2015

Meet the agents

With the incorporation of our US Company, Advocate Arts US, our Artist management is now split between Hannah and Kate. Each bringing a prospective relevance to their territory’s requirements. Joining the team is Ryan Mitre in the US Office and Annabel Collins in the UK Office. This brings the sales team up to 7 agents!

Ryan Mitta

With five years experience in book publishing, including editing a 96-page comics anthology, many of my friends are visual artists and writers. Not only do I feel a kinship with creatives but I’m uniquely situated to assist: I have a master’s degree in librarianship and I've worked with publisher contracts.

Advocate Art is expanding into new territories and I’m delighted to be a part of the US office. I liaise with key children’s publishers and puzzle companies, while researching and testing potential markets. I am thrilled to bring our illustrators’ portfolios to new clients in new fields. I think expansion is a natural first step with excellent freelance artwork. With its breadth of talented artists and dedicated agents, Advocate Art is poised to lead the way for another 20 years.

Annabel Collins

Coming from a background in Fine Art, I have always been a visually driven person with a keen eye for detail. Whilst undertaking my BA, I funded my studies through commissions of my own work and really understand the nature of an individual studio practice. I began writing for the University Arts Magazine and assisting with the curation of group exhibitions, and soon realized how much I thrived working alongside others within the creative field.

When I started an internship at Advocate Art, it didn't take me long to recognise the ways in which the agency formed a stimulating and engaging environment in which I could still utilise my artistic eye. I continued to work for Advocate whilst finishing my degree, learning the insides of the business, and established myself as a permanent member of the team as an Artist Agent. Consistently exploring new places, discovering fresh talent and meeting new people are the most rewarding parts of the role, and it is the personal relationships we form with artists and clients alike that make Advocate such a unique and successful team.