Artist Feature - Maja Kastelic Sep 22 2015

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Maja Kastelic might be new to the Advocate Art family but she has plenty of experience as an illustrator and we're very happy to be welcoming her to the fold. She has a fun and diverse portfolio full of lovely children's book illustrations, all with a skilled approach to compositions and lighting. You can see more at her online portfolio!

My name is Maja Kastelic, I was born on the 25th of September 1981 in Novo mesto, Slovenija.

I grew up on a small hill in a small village near a small town. After studying in bigger cities and traveling the world I now live in that first small town.

Growing up I owned every children's book from main Slovenian publishing house, and that was really quality production with wonderful illustrations.

I studied painting at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana. Aferwards I studied bachelors degree Philosophy and theory of visual arts. Before getting into illustration, I worked several years in restoration work, mainly as retouching artist for frescoes.

I have lots of heroes, both past and contemporary artists, who have made or are making great stories, beautiful books and images that have the extraordinary power to take you at diverse places you never knew of and enable you to feel so much at such little risk and to be gently absorbed into whatever worlds you can or can not (yet) imagine.

I like drawing and the atmosphere. I play with light a lot and I like humourous interpretation and tiny meaningful details. I like to place little parellel stories within the main story. Otherwise I don't have a very consistent approach to illustration project – I feel each project needs particular dealing with and I like to experiment with medium before going into the final illustration.

I usually work in traditional 'analogue' media like acrylics, watercolour, pencil, gouache and inks. I use computer media only for arranging and adjusting the original work and preparing it for print or publishing on the web.

I don't imagine I'd do anything else. Maybe I'd be librarian or a owner of little bookstore and teahouse.