Artist Feature - Mélissa Delteil Sep 24 2015

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It's great to see so much exciting new talent coming to Advocate Art lately and Mélissa Delteil is another great illustrator joining us. Mélissa interned with us last year so we know she's not only talented but hard working as well! She has a great start to her portfolio with some very cute characters and lovely colours and textures. We look forward to seeing her online folio grow!

I was born in Thonon, France. It’s a small town between Geneva and Evian (you know, where the water comes from!). I grew up in France and moved around a little bit during my studies before settling in London.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, an inventor or a dinosaur hunter. Well now I draw people with pets, inventors and dinosaurs!

I’ve studied visual communication in France and communication design in the UK. But there is always a little bit of self-teaching when it comes to illustration! I’m mostly a digital artist, but I love oil painting, watercolours and mixed media, and I think it influences my use of textures. I would describe my work as cute, a bit cheeky, soft and round with a painterly feel. While at uni I won my university’s John O’Connor 2015 award for Best Design.

My favourite illustration of mine is ' London Let’s Go!' Is a piece I drew to send to all my friends and relatives before leaving for London. I’m very attached to it.

Besides drawing, I love historical re-enactement and I make my own costumes. I’m also an avid backpacker.

If I wasn't an artist I would be looking for dinosaurs somewhere in North America, or hoarding ferrets in the countryside. I also love city life though which is why I like London so much, with its green spaces and crazy lifestyle.