Artist Feature - Simon Scarsbrook Oct 09 2015

Latest signings

Simon Scarsbrook is one of our latest signings and a great new addition to our older and real illustrators. Good colour choices and a dynamic and commercial style can be found in his online portfolio. Simon would be perfect for book illustration and art licensing.

Born in Epsom in the 60’s I grew up in and around the foot of the North Downs, where I still live - despite various flights of relocation fantasy.

I have always drawn, as far as I remember – a family encyclopaedia of my childhood is covered in my doodles of spaceships and flying saucers!

I ‘learnt’ to draw in my first 3 weeks of art college. Everything seemed to fall into place at that time, and I don’t think I have ever lost that enthusiasm to discover and learn. Sketchbooks are important to me, and I belong to a local life-drawing class.

Throughout though, I have always remembered my first boss’s words when I left my job as a studio junior to pursue illustration: ‘keep it commercial’.

Outside illustrating, riding my bike was always a way to escape to the country and still living at the foot of the North Downs ain’t that bad.