NYC ComicCon Oct 16 2015

Fly on the wall

Our super agent Ryan recently went to the New York Comic Con (jealous!) and he's kindly written up his experience for this blog.

New York Comic Con was full on, as my colleagues in the UK are fond of saying! There was an estimated 160,000 fans inside the massive Javits Center. And I felt the enthusiasm from the crowds at every stop. I stopped alot during my two days at the show, there were so many talented editors and art directors to meet.


The big news for Advocate is that Yishan Li is illustrating the graphic novel series Buffy: The High School Years. Her manga style is going to pare nicely the younger readers. And it's being written by the Eisner-award winning writer, Faith Erin Hicks!


It wasn't 100% work though, the costumes were amazing. The Hulk-buster Iron Man suit actually made sounds at it rumbled by! And I had just enough time to pick up the last show copy of my friend's new book, it's adorable, yet informative!


But boy, was I glad to have Monday as a holiday. Rest!