Artist Feature - Kirsten Shiel Nov 25 2015

Meet the artists

I am an Irish illustrator based in Manchester. Born in South Dublin, Ireland in 1993, I've been drawing since I knew how to hold a pencil, and frequently got in trouble at school for never putting it down.

My style is colourful, geometric and textured. I work primarily in children's books, advertising and editorial illustration, but like the challenge of new projects. My favourite thing to draw is food, involving a lot of meat and cheese, which is weird because I am a very restrictive vegan.

I'm currently freelancing from Kilogramme Animation Studio in Manchester, where I've lived since I was 18.

When not illustrating, you can find me hiking, swimming or fawning over my friends’ pets. I have an impressive collection of prints from other illustrators, and not enough frames or wall space to display them. I like to listen to video game soundtracks while I'm working.

You can see all of Kirsten's artwork here!