Artist feature - Kevin Payne Dec 09 2015

Latest signings

Kevin Payne is one of our newly signed artists and a wonderful addition to the Advocate Art family.

His fun characters are perfect for our 0-5 folio and we are excited to see how his work will

develop over time. You can have a look at his portfolio here.

"Hello! My name is Kev Payne and I'm an illustrator from Devon. I grew up with a love of books, comics and cartoons which inspired me to draw. Someone once said to me that I see life as a cartoon and that is pretty ok with me!As a child, I used to sit and draw Disney illustrations and still adore the vintage work of Mary Blair and Eyvind Earle. Calvin and Hobbes is also a major influence as I find Bill Watterson's artwork so thoughtful, beautiful and funny. My artwork always starts with my sketchpad before moving on to digital. I love bringing ideas to life and, as a primary school teacher, have a keen interest in educational ideas. My first book, 'B is for Blobfish', was inspired when planning a science lesson and features a wide range of unusual and unloved animals. My cartoons can also be seen with The Guardian, inspired by my life as a teacher. Alongside illustration, I write stories, poems and create animations and interactive games.

Outside of art, I enjoy song writing, playing the ukulele, gymnastics and football (I once had a trial with LA Galaxy when David Beckham joined!) I'm also the town crier for the town where I live. Oyez! Oyez!"