Artist feature - Antoana Oreski Jan 05 2016

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We're starting the week with an amazing new talent, our featuring artist, Antoana Oreski.

You can see her artistic skills in her illustrations for greeting card designs and children books.

See more examples of her lovely work at her online portfolio here!

"Hello! I'm an illustrator coming from Istrian peninsula (Croatia) where I live with my husband and our 2 girls. I graduated from School of Applied Art & Design in Textile dept. but my passion from an early age was creating cute and whimsical characters. Growing up on the coast I was fascinated by nature, my hands always full of bugs, lizards or some sea creatures while playing on the beach-I was fearless! I think exploring the nature was crucial for developing my imagination. The other thing I always loved was listening to my Mom's bed time stories-they always felt so real, as if I transcended into that imaginery world. A lot of that influence can be seen in my work today through my illustrative style. I love playing with textures and patterns and I love combining hand drawn icons with digital. I'm very drawn to blue hues with bright and vibrant colours. I really love what I do and I honestly hope it's what I'll be doing when I'm old and wrinkled cos I never saw myself doing anything else!"