Artist feature - Andrea Cingolani Jan 07 2016

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Meet our amazing new artist at Advocate Art. Andrea Cingolani is one of our latest new signings and her portfolio is ideal for children's books in 5 years to young adult. If you’re searching for amazing new illustrations and artwork for educational books, look no further, Andrea is your artist! Click here to see more examples of her lovely work.

"My name is Andrea and I was born in the very south of the planet!

I grew up in Patagonia, surrounded by penguins, wind, snow and lots of empty land. I travelled a lot with my family: from the sea to the Andes and back to Buenos Aires. Now I’m based in the artsy city of Berlin.

As a child my grandmother used to play with me all the time, and the game I liked most was just watching her draw something for me. I loved watching her wrinkled hand strongly holding a small pencil, sharpened with a knife, going up and down, creating stories: a dog that got away from the leash… a girl whose hat was stolen by the wind… or just a flower in a pot looking at the sun. I could watch her for hours.

So little by little I started drawing by her side and when I grew up I decided to take this pleasant activity as my way of living and became an artist.

In 2004 I completed my career with Honors as a Graphic Designer in Buenos Aires and also finished my education in Animation Direction. After that I kept taking workshops and art-related courses: watercolours, lighting and life drawing, among others. I enjoy trying different styles when it’s time to illustrate. And I think that’s one of the main characteristics of my work: experimentation.

I love animals –especially dogs and birds-, plants, hugs, British comedies, the sun in my face, swing music, Italian movies, cake, helping out, and of course, to illustrate."