Artist feature - Attila Gyori Jan 11 2016

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Come and have a look at our new artist feature today! Attila Gyori is our recently signed artist and his lovely

illustrations are perfectly suited for children's book under 5. Scroll down to read more about this talented

illustrator and don't miss his portfolio on Advocate Art's website.

"I was born in Hungary in 1967, and I was brought up in the countryside. Now I'm a city dweller, I have 4 children, and drawing is my favourite pastime.

I studied graphic design in high school, and I learned typography and layout editing autodidactically. I designed a new font, which is sold by ITC since 1997, and I have many more ideas up my sleeve.

In my daily work I design and edit books, and my desire to draw again is getting stronger and stronger. What inspired me to turn to tales was a storybook written by my wife. I created illustrations for her tale"King Puff and the diet"  and afterwards for the whole volume. I enjoyed every minute of it, for me this is the new love.

Besides my work I love good hikes, books, movies, music, ice-hockey, and bicycles."