Artist feature - Petros Bouloubasis Jan 11 2016

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Take a look at today’s artist feature, Petros Bouloubasis! One of Advocate's creative illustrators and our latest

signing! Have a look at this selection of his illustrations for children and don't forget to keep up to date

with his developments on his online portfolio!

"I was born in Athens, Greece, where i still live in the suburbs with my girlfriend Sophia (who is also an illustrator) and a new "guest" in the house: Jason. Our black male cat!

Since I have memories of me, I remember myself drawing and drawing (using any surface that came across me), trying to reproduce (imitate sometimes) the drawings of grown ups. That seemed to be the big achievement back then. But since I grew up, things took another turn.

Now, the biggest effort for me, seems to be the exactly opposite. To try to reach-accomplish the way that kids draw, the way that kids "see" the world. And that's by far the most difficult, challenging and refreshing thing at the same time.

Τhis different/subjective point of view, which tries to present and not represent things, seems to be the main goal  also in my 'not for children" work.

I have graduated the "Graphic Design Institute of Athens". Participated in exhibitions in Greece, Spain, Japan, Iran. Awarded with several merits and the 'State Illustration Award 2007'."