Artist feature - Susana Gurrea Jan 11 2016

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Take a look at today's artist feature, Susana Gurrea! Her funny characters are a great fit for children's books.

Here's a preview of Susana's fantastic artwork. Have a look at her online portfolio, on Advocate Art's website.

"I was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1981. I lived in Barcelona until 2010, when I moved to the countryside with my husband. I became a mother and nowadays we live together in a little village, near the peaceful city of Vic.

When I was a child I liked reading fairy tales, comics and watching animation series and films. I have always loved drawing and writing my own stories, so I hope to become an author one day.

In 2012 I put my career as engineer aside and I focused in my true vocation. I joined a three-year Degree in Illustration at the Olot School of Art where I graduated as illustrator. I also did a Comic Degree at the Escola Joso Barcelona and nowadays I’m doing a Postgraduate Diploma in Illustration for Children’s and Teenagers’ Publications at Eina University School of Design and Art, in Barcelona.

I admire specially authors and illustrators like Maurice Sendak, Anthony Browne and Kitty Crowther, among a lot of others. I read Roald Dahl’s stories to learn how to write better for children.

My artwork is kind and colourful, I suppose that is a reflection of my character which is very quiet. I try to capture emotions and communicate stories, I feel happy when children or people see my work and they smile.

I mix traditional and digital techniques (Photoshop, watercolors, coloured pencils, ink, gouache...). I’m always experimenting. My favourite piece is one about a monster and a kid, because is inspired by my son and me.

I spend all my free time with my son and my family, doing current things: walking around the forest, playing, having a family meal, travelling, eating an ice-cream... I love reading and watching films too. And if I’d have more time I’d sew and do ceramics. At the moment I couldn’t imagine myself doing another thing.

I have a lot of favourite books and films. I love all Garcia Marquez’s books but my favourite book is The Quixot by Cervantes, because it reflects a brave and honest attitude against the life. Since I became a professional illustrator the most I read is children’s and youth literature. I love Chaplin’s films and one of my favourite films is Léolo by Jean-Claude Lauzon."