Heads Up 2016 Jan 12 2016

Fly on the wall

Its been an incredible start to the new year, here at Advocate HQ we have been designing and packing this, our 6th Edition of our Heads Up Calendar and Agency Book. Our celebratory 20th Birthday edition, is better than ever, full of fabulous new signings and fresh and exciting new Unpublished work purely for your Illustrative pleasure. 

Everyone pitched in to fold, pack and seal the boxes and they will be landing on your desks in the next few days!

Feel free to tweet us your photos #advocateHUP

If you haven’t received a copy and would like to, please email us at [email protected] It’s a brilliant resource to browse our illustrators, the calendar features exceptional picture book illustrations with an artist for every working day.

Keep an eye on the blog as we will be publishing a digital version for you to download. 


Happy Browsing, and remember to contact your agent if you would like a bespoke sample from your chosen illustrator.