Artist feature - Caitlin Murray Jan 18 2016

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We are very excited to have Caitlin Murray as our featured children’s book artist today! Her portfolio is full of gorgeous and colourful illustrations that make her work very appealing. See more on Advocate Art's website by visiting Caitlin's online portfolio.

"Disrupting her Mother’s Christmas lunch with her birth some years ago, 

Caitlin left the UK for Australia before she can remember.

Caitlin’s childhood was spent growing up on campus at various schools in Victoria and the ACT where her father was headmaster. She moved to Melbourne at age 18 where she lived on campus at Melbourne University and studied teaching, before finally moving into a house with a real street address at age 21.

Caitlin later trained as an illustrator before a ten year stint in the fashion industry, where she worked as a graphic artist in children’s apparel for various companies who supplied many of Australia’s top retailers.

These days Caitlin works as a freelance illustrator/designer. 

She specializes in surface/pattern design, children’s books, toys, products and apparel.

A proud Melbournian, Caitlin lives in far north inner city suburbia with her husband, her cat “Blog Spot”, the dolls on her mantelpiece and her many art projects.

Her art is fun, quirky and colourful with an emphasis on pattern."